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“Blatant and Unapologetic” Judge Shopping Warrants “Exceptional Case” Determination

In a dramatic conclusion to the nearly seven year old patent litigation between Datatern and Microstrategy (including a number of Microstrategy’s customers), Judge Saylor in the District of Massachusetts recently awarded attorneys’ fees based on Datatern’s “blatant and unapologetic” judge shopping in the early stages of the case.… Continue Reading

“Ruff” Start for Defendant in Pet Ramp Patent Dispute

Judge Saylor of the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts recently narrowed the counterclaims and affirmative defenses available to a defendant in a consumer products dispute. The decision highlights not only the importance of pleading sufficient facts to meet the applicable standard, but also the potential effect of a parties’ representations when … Continue Reading

Amended Contentions Deemed Timely Served Due to Parties’ Misunderstanding

Under some circumstances, party error can excuse late-filed amendments to infringement and invalidity contentions, according to a recent decision by Judge F. Dennis Saylor IV. Approximately five years ago, plaintiff DataTern, Inc. (“DataTern”) filed a patent infringement suit against defendant MicroStrategy, Inc. (“MicroStrategy”) over a patent claiming a “method for interfacing an object oriented software application … Continue Reading

Job Applicant Software Patents Not Terminated for Invalidity

Although the subject matter eligibility of software patents has come under increased scrutiny since the Supreme Court issued its opinion last year in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank, one Massachusetts court recently declined to invalidate a trio of patents directed to job applicant software. Plaintiff Kenexa had asserted infringement claims against three defendants, and two … Continue Reading

Non-Party Dodges Impleader Attempt in “CrossFit” Trademark Infringement Suit

The alleged infringer of the “CrossFit” trademark may have gotten winded after reading a recent order from Judge Saylor.  In that case, Plaintiff CrossFit alleged that Donald Mustapha—who appeared pro se—infringed its trademark by offering exercise programs under the “CrossFit” name.  In response to the complaint, Mustapha filed so-called “counterclaims” against various third parties, which were … Continue Reading

No Helmet Needed in D. Mass. When Facing Motion to Strike New Counterclaims

In a recent trade dress infringement case involving manufacturers of sporting helmets, Judge Saylor set forth a unique approach in deciding a motion to strike newly added counterclaims.  The case started out, as they often do, with patent claims.  In its original complaint, plaintiff Bern Unlimited alleged that defendant Burton Corp. infringed a design patent directed … Continue Reading

It’s Situation Normal As Massachusetts Court Declines To Construe Claim Term

Ask each member of a jury to define the word “normally” and you might get twelve different answers. In one recent order, Judge Saylor determined that a jury would understand the ordinary meaning of the claim term “normally clamp” in a dispute involving a patent directed to a baseball cap holder. The claim in question … Continue Reading

Court Prescribes a Sedative for Patent Infringement Case by Boston Heart Diagnostics

District Judge F. Dennis Saylor IV anesthetized Boston Heart Diagnostics Corp.’s patent infringement suit against Health Diagnostics Laboratory, Inc. in Massachusetts federal court, staying the case pending an ex parte reexamination of the patent filed by Health Diagnostics. The case involves U.S. Patent No. 8,455,194, covering claims on diagnostic methods for detecting the susceptibility of an … Continue Reading